IMG_0131Department Information

As a tribally established department dedicated to the preservation, revitalization, and promotion of Seminole culture, Semvnole Etvlwv En Fulletv Em Vyposkv (SEFV) [The Seminole Nation Cultural Resources Department] asserts that our language is vital to the perpetuation of Seminole culture and as a gift from The Creator is responsible for preserving and developing for future generations.

To achieve this mission, SEFV will work to provide a wide range of pedagogical and technical support to help individuals, schools and communities perpetuate our language. Serving ten communities within Seminole County and three extended communities and working within close access to approximately 1,500 Seminole children, SEFV will produce needed textbooks and workbooks, computer-based multimedia materials, classroom visual aids, and provide teacher training to childcare, Head Start, schools, college and community teachers. Our curricula are being designed to create perpetual linguistic and literary fluency. Comprehensive, sequential curricula for Seminole are being devised for each grade, pre-school through college. SEFV will also work to promote activities within the communities that support language acquisition and usage. Plans include language immersion camps, cultural events, and media activities. On-going efforts include grant applications, fund raising and public relation campaigns to support the primary activities of the department, and to promote a wider awareness of the acute problem of Native language loss in North America.



To achieve excellence for all by providing quality, nurturing care and educational experiences for children and their families of diverse backgrounds and abilities by building on our strengths.

Pumvhakv is where the Semvnole-Maskoke language and culture thrive in a living community of families, united in fostering, through their efforts, the continued significant contribution to the quality of life for the Seminole people and all who choose to commit themselves to Pumvhakv.


Educational Mission

Pumvhakv affirms that every child has a right to a quality education, that high academic standards must be set, and that every child can and will succeed in ways that reflect his or her own aptitudes and interests. As such, the mission of Pumvhakv is “to nurture the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being of our children.” Students of Pumvhakv are educated upon a culturally Seminole foundation. This foundation is the basis upon which students are impelled to:

  • Bring honor to Creator
  • Bring honor to ancestors
  • Seek and attain knowledge to sustain family
  • Contribute to the well-being and flourishing of the Semvnole-Maskoke Language and culture
  • Contribute to the quality of life within the local communities.

School Mission

Pumvhakv is concerned with the ethical and moral dimensions of a child’s life. The school is committed to securing a school community built upon seven culturally rooted core values:

1) Fvccetv – honesty,
2) Vrakkuecetv – respect,
3) Vcayēckv – responsibility,
4) Merretv – compassion,
5) Ē-emvsehkv – self-discipline,
6) Momis Komet – perseverance, and
7) Heromē – giving.

These values are emphasized to guide Pumvhakv School as it promotes excellence in living, as well as in learning.