Adult Immersion Packet

The Adult Immersion Packet is a large packet full of useful information on Maskoke. Please click a link below to view that section of the packet. You can also view the entire file by clicking the link on the left side of this page.


Preface: Our goal in producing this packet was to provide language learners and teachers with an outline of content to use for developing useful communication abilities in beginning language learners.  The content of this packet is not intended to be used as a stand-alone and should be looked at as providing a foundation for future language growth.


    1. Introduction
    2. Orthography (Spelling)
    3. Alphabet
    4. Conversational Phrases (Part 1)
    5. Conversational Phrases (Part 2)
    6. Intermediate Command Forms
    7. First Person Present Form
    8. Second Person Present Form
    9. Third Person Present Form
    10. Descriptions
    11. Locations
    12. Telling Time
    13. Numbers and Number Words

Conversational Phrases

Maskoke Word English Meaning
‘Stonko? How are you?
‘Stonkis os. I’m fine.
Centv? What about you?
Cehocefkv naket owa? What’s your name?
…cvhocefkvt os. My name is …
Cem etvlwvt os. What’s your band?
… vm etvlwvt os. My band is…
Cem vliketv naket owa? What’s your clan?
… vm vliketvt os. My clan is…
Estvmin liketska? Where do you live?
… likiyet os. I live in…
Mowan o, hvyowat ayis ce! Okay, I’m going now!
Cehecarēs. I’ll see you later.
‘Tehecvkvrēs. We’ll see each other later.